Questions and Answers


How come 1PPCs now?

The need for direct action has never been greater, and the ability, through IT, social media and the internet to locate and develop planet appropriate solutions has never been greater.

Why is this not like other things we have seen?

Mutual Peer to Peer (P2P) support One major differenceP2P support construction. This means that each member is better served by the other being at the peak of their ability and that the main P2P role is to help members reach that capacity.
Mutually owned market One feature that promotes this is the mutually owned market – the more sold through the market the higher the common income. And members introduce products to market, earning a percentage of the mark-up.

non-consumer-producer relationship in the market. When you are selling to private consumers as a trading entity, all kinds of rules a n d regulations govern that relationship. Quite rightly so, consumer protection is a n important part of our society. However, these rules need not apply to buyer’s clubs, where people k n ow each other. This mean s that (depending on the rules applicable to your country) people in association s and clubs, even doing bulk buying, ca exchange things ad services much more freely.

Do I have to form  an organisation? Yes of some sort with 146 members (maximum) to ensure you can operate together as an informal social unit. We are hoping to set up national 146 help centres that will guide you through national regulations

Who puts the products in the platform? You do. You get paid a commission when they are bought. We have some basic products that come with the platform, too.

Will people outside the 146 be able to buy products on the platform? Short answer, yes. Suppose your community installs solar panels a n d a n electric charger poi n t. You could sell charging to visitors, too. However, the commercial relationship will be different as that will be o n e of trading entity a n d consumer.

Where does the platform come from? You subscribe to it from us ( the 146 core)

Can we get help? Yes from the 146 core. And the national 146help. We will help you all the way

How come it works? The set-up rewards cooperation- the better you cooperate the better it runs and the better the economy of the 146

So we don’t compete with each other? No. You help each other to be the best you can. You all gain from that. You out cooperate competition and so-called market economy.