Category: 2. What are One Planet Clubs?

What-if Walk-Throughs. The way to get started.

Wrenching the supply chain out of large corporate control is easy only in one’s mind. Once you start to decide that your purchasing will work as if there is only one planet, you find you come up against large supply chains that are telling you “no there isn’t there are plenty of planets!” I am saying this because any attempt to take control, unless you are very experienced in commerce, will end up hitting a […]

Dunbar number gives agency

As I write this, COP 25 is going on. Children activists interviewed on stage, including Greta Thunberg, are stating simply that they represent the younger generation who want a chance to be able to live on the Earth in future and they see no action that is going to offer them more than a 50% chance of an inhabitable planet. No change since their last COP, only increasing CO2 levels. They, like most people cannot […]

146 Manifesto

We recognise: 1) People are waking up to the reality of existential climate risk and how all will suffer, but the poorest will suffer the most . The negative impacts to society of economic activities and on biosystems are equally alarming and high priority. 2) People see the sluggishness of system response and inequity The alarm was raised 30 years ago. Since then, talk has happened but as Greta Thunberg points out there is no […]