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To get 146 clubs off the ground we are working on a three step plan

  1. Setting up 146help (this site) to encourage all local community builders to start the process of forming their own clubs
  2. Starting a global platform cooperative 146 International
  3. Developing the app
  4. Looking for countries and local clubs to pilot the concepts and then spread them!

This article explains step (2) and how you can join.

The global cooperative is the engine in platform development. Membership stakes are used to finance the development of the platform from the platform supplier. The platform supplier and global cooperative cover running expenses via subscription fees.

This model is mirrored in country cooperatives which use membership stakes to cover localisation costs, and running costs are covered from subscriptions.

Founding partners (to be confirmed)

Stephen HintonDamiain CostelloPeter Head CBE
Alex RollinsMicheal Akampa

Supporting Organisations

Local RoutesEco-sequestration TrustInvesture
Stephen Hinton Consulting


The 146 international platform cooperative is in the process of being set up. Should you like to join (from anywhere in the world) please sign up on our website and we will send you cooperative membership details.

By signing the form your indicate you understand that 146 International is the first legal entity to be set up following 146 principles.
146 International will be a member cooperative requiring an initial membership stake of USD 200 and an annual fee to cover running costs.
146 International’s role will be to develop and distribute the software, app and know-how.
You accept that we will start development in earnest as soon as we have enough members (more than 100). At that point you will be asked for your membership stake.

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