Category: 3. Getting Started: build community

Walk-through workshop

What if you could buy things that are produced and work in a planet friendly way? As our large-scale mining-and-forest based systems start to fray,  many are looking for alternative ways to drive the transition to sustainability.. Platform Cooperativism has emerged as an exciting alternative to shopping from large chains and gives greater power to consumers. Programming is currently underway to create an app called “One Planet Purchasing” – helping us to  start acting now […]

On the optimum size of your club

This article from The Agile Elephant gives us a lot of clues as to the optimum size of our club. The research comes from the anthropologist Dunbar. When looking at human organisation he found certain scales of organisation reoccurring. Core group – up to 5 people (family) Close Group – c 15 people (close kinship group) Acquaintance Group – c 50 people (band of related close kin groups) Personal Social Group – c 150 people […]

Aim for 25%. Here’s why

Writing in the Guardian, George Monbiot gives us a hopeful message that societies suddenly shift, and only 25% of the population are needed to change attitude before the whole society starts to change. Monbiot points to research by Simon Sharpe and Tim Lenton: Upward-scaling tipping cascades to meet climate goals: plausible grounds for hope. What this means for 146 clubs is to understand that your area can encompass four times the maximum number of members […]

Ways to get to know people

Start from where you are: how close are you with your neighbors? The situation can be so different it is hard to give general advice. Some places neighbours hardly talk at all. In other people know each other and cooperate on an almost daily basis. In some places there are one or two things that work – like sharing a trailer. If people hardly know each other then you’ll need to dream up a few […]