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Local nut-growing and food making workshop, Sweden

What if you could buy things that are produced and work in a planet friendly way?

As our large-scale mining-and-forest based systems start to fray,  many are looking for alternative ways to drive the transition to sustainability.. Platform Cooperativism has emerged as an exciting alternative to shopping from large chains and gives greater power to consumers. Programming is currently underway to create an app called “One Planet Purchasing” – helping us to  start acting now as if we only have one planet.

It’s not just about apps. Our way of production needs to change – our way of thinking about how we shop but mainly whether we can trust each other so that we can share things, invest together and also shop from each other more.

This is where the cooperative comes in. In order for us to be able to come together to create new ways of shopping, we need to develop the cooperative – both from the platform but also purchasing and ownership. (The One planet purchasing initiative collects all material on 146help.avbp.net.)

One planet purchasing is looking for groups that want to act as “test pilots” of the cooperative process. The workshop briefly introduces One planet Purchasing to get some feedback, but the main focus is on the process – from being a group that wants to see a change in how we produce and consume to go together on joint purchases.

What the workshop will cover

The starting point is the group’s interest and opportunities to influence the environment through purchasing.

“What if”  discussions

  • What if we could buy planet friendly products
  • Think about opportunities with sharing economy, co-purchase and co-ownership
  • Deliveries – new ways?
  • Subscriptions, for food for example, – opportunities?
  • What if we could repair more?

The practical

  • Contracts and other types of agreements
  • Payment platforms or a box in the corner?
  • Where can the app help?


The workshop takes a few hours 2-3 max and is free of charge.

The workshop is led by one of the Founders’ Movement’s founders, Stephen Hinton, and one of the initiators of One Planet Purchasing.

What if exercises are inspired by Rob Hopkins’ book “what if”

Read more about 146 at https://146help.avbp.net

In Swedish: tänk-om workshops

Contact Stephen Hinton stephen.j.hinton@gmail.com

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