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Isabel Carlisle at the Bioregional Learning Center in South Devon, UK, is on an exciting mission to build collaborations to shift South Devon towards long-term climate resilience. This piece includes an extensive excerpt of Dana Meadows’ vision for a network of learning centers to enhance “the capacity to solve problems in ways that are consistent with the culture and the environment.” It is incredibly inspiring to see Dana’s visions continue to live and actualize through […]

Voting districts, Post Codes and 146

Let’s take the Swedish situation: Sweden has 17000 postcodes About 280 households per postcode 6004 voting districts 349 constituencies About 17 districts per constituency That means there are about 2-3 postcodes in each voting district. These figures show us how to get organized to make our voices heard. One 146 club is around half of a postcode, which is one whole quarter or third of a voting district. As 146 clubs start to speak with […]