Voting districts, Post Codes and 146

Let’s take the Swedish situation: Sweden has

  • 17000 postcodes
  • About 280 households per postcode
  • 6004 voting districts
  • 349 constituencies
  • About 17 districts per constituency

That means there are about 2-3 postcodes in each voting district.

These figures show us how to get organized to make our voices heard.

One 146 club is around half of a postcode, which is one whole quarter or third of a voting district.

As 146 clubs start to speak with one voice – the message gets aggregated up to the constituency level.

For example, suppose a 146 club formulates a strong opinion about fossil fuel subsidies.

This opinion spreads to nearby 146 clubs. It would take two clubs in each voting district of say nine districts – 18 clubs – to send a message that in that area over half of the population think in this way. These are powerful messages to send to working politicians.

146help is working on a secure app to make this happen. Subscribe to this site to be updated.

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