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What-if walk-though canvas

Use this canvas to structure your 146 initial discussions. Read the previous post for more background. What do you want to change? What irks do you have in common? What do you feel compelled to do something about? Explore how that will to change could be a product or service you buy jointly.Maybe you can see a range of productsand services. Rethinking ownership.Can you see patterns in what you are trying to do where sharing […]


LocalWiki (Follow this link) offers everybody a way to share and learn about where they live. From Sapporo, Japan to Oakland, California, communities across the world use LocalWiki to share their local knowledge. Localwiki is place to learn about your neighborhoods, about your local parks, about being a parent in your city, about history, politics – anything and everything useful and beautiful about your community.  Unlike a news site or a blog, anyone can add and modify LocalWiki pages. LocalWiki lets you and your […]

Story from the US: a smallholding convenes a community

Great report from Montana. Interesting for 146 builders is how the gardening grew and now neighbours take turns to look after the garden and get vegetables in return. They even meet every Sunday for a common work session and meal. A simple system – the more you work the greater the share of the produce. Good too is the concept of having this type of solution, maybe with a local farmer running operations, everywhere.

Garden clubs show the way

We need to remember that online communities have not yet evolved the well-oiled functioning of local real clubs. This article from Colorado University bring how two things. 1) 146 clubs cannot take the governance of online communities 2) there is a lot of embedded knowledge of how to run local clubs that 146 can build on!