Thrivespring These resources can help get you and your club, or your business, prepared so that you will know what to do before, during and after an emergency or disaster. You’ll also find some excellent resources on ways to make your community more resilient. However, Thrivespring do not accept responsibility for the accuracy or quality of information found in these links.

Ways to get to know people

Start from where you are: how close are you with your neighbors? The situation can be so different it is hard to give general advice. Some places neighbours hardly talk at all. In other people know each other and cooperate on an almost daily basis. In some places there are one or two things that work – like sharing a trailer. If people hardly know each other then you’ll need to dream up a few […]

Recommended Reading

How can localisation help address climate, sustainability and equity challenges. are one of the leading organisations that promote the development of local movements.Read their list of what you can do now to strengthen the local, resilient economy here From their website: This pamphlet outlines the fundamental features of economic globalization and localization, how a shift towards the local might be accomplished, and what it asks of us in terms of action. Produced in conjunction […]

Frequently asked questions

How come 1PCs now? The need for direct action has never been greater, and the ability, through IT, social media and the internet to locate and develop planet appropriate solutions has never been greater. Why is this not like other things we have seen? Mutual Peer to Peer (P2P) support One major differenceP2P support construction. This means that each member is better served by the other being at the peak of their ability and that […]

You might as well start now

Great quote from Dave Pollard on his blog Our human civilization culture, with its 7.8B hostages, is collapsing, ecologically, economically, and, inevitably, to some extent socially as well. We all sense it. The evidence is everywhere. Sooner or later, as collapse takes hold, we are going to have to start to build local communities from the ground up with the people with whom we find ourselves. Some, perhaps most, of those people are going to […]

Dunbar number gives agency

As I write this, COP 25 is going on. Children activists interviewed on stage, including Greta Thunberg, are stating simply that they represent the younger generation who want a chance to be able to live on the Earth in future and they see no action that is going to offer them more than a 50% chance of an inhabitable planet. No change since their last COP, only increasing CO2 levels. They, like most people cannot […]

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